Do You Trust Your Channel Partners? 

Do They Trust You?

High-performing channel partners are critical to a successful go-to-market strategy, and adequately managing partners and their needs can be a challenge without the right tools.   

Do you give them good reason to trust you?

Some of the biggest challenges usually include: 

Successful Partner Onboarding: 

“If a new partner doesn’t start to market and sell your offering within the first 90 days of recruitment, it’s highly likely that it never will”

– Forrester 

Pipeline Visibility: 

“84% of B2B leaders do not have clear visibility into their partners’ pipelines” 

– Accenture

Inadequate Partner Support: 

“Only 7% of partners achieved 65% or more of their revenue targets ... B2B companies are inadequately supporting, incenting or encouraging underperformers to achieve their full potential.”

– Accenture

What are you doing to overcome these challenges? 

Having the right partner relationship management (PRM) platform can not only make the managing of partners quicker and more efficient but it can also build up the trust between you and your partners as it fosters support and transparency - ultimately, making meeting revenue objectives that much easier.

That’s where Magentrix can help. Use a Magentrix PRM web portal to transform your channel strategy with essential features such as:   

Partner sign-up and onboarding 

Deal registration and opportunity management

Content management

Training and certification

Rewards and incentives

Collaboration to keep partners engaged

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